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  • coding
  • mozilla extension
"Smart-e-software allows you to buy songs, stories, and games. You can then sing up to your smart-e by syncing. You can also have your smart-e call your child by name."

I played a role in coding a couple of features. Smart-e-Software is built on top of Songbird as an extension.

The Pet Chauffeur
  • redesign
  • creative direction
  • html, css, javascript
"The Pet Chauffeur is committed to providing the best in transportation for all domesticated pets. We provide a unique up-scale pet chauffeur service that promotes safe, timely, and dependable transportation of all pets."

I have stepped in to take over as a webmaster to assist in continuous enhancements for the site. I have contributed to direction, redesign and creative enchancements of the site in order to boost its appeal and promote the content of the site.

Troop 355 Webpage
  • design
  • html, js, css
  • google app integrations
This site is designed for Troop 355 as a way to facilitate communication of troop activities. The site also contains elements to encourage the user's love for scouting and the scouting ideals.

It has been designed to allow for additional elements that make updating the site simple.

Go Student Savings Webpage
  • design
  • html, js, css
  • php board, rss reader integrations
  • database programming
Go Student Savings was designed to allow students access to coupons. It also allowed business to market to students directly

The site was designed to be interactive and multiple elements to keep readers engaged.