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JQuery - Table Pagination Plugin

I have a small project that I am working on and needed to put a pagination element in. I couldn't at the time find anything that fit my needs so I created this plugin to help with my project. Project Information

Songbird - 'Personas' Extension

After creating Background extension I strived to create something similar to personas. Personas for Songbird is taking those steps.

Songbird - Background Extension

I am a huge fan of songbird. I have always wanted more control over the look of the program. Jkoshi's blog post on controlling the background through css gave me the starting point I needed. I have written a program that allows users to control the background color, images and adjust opacity on various elements. I continually update the program by adding more options as it grows.

Songbird - SimpleDelicious Extension

I participated in a special effort project sponsered by Songbird. They wanted 40 of the most frequently used firefox extensions converted to be used within Songbird. I choose to convert "simple Del.icio.us." This program allows a user to access their Del.icio.us bookmarks within Songbird.

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JSDoc Toolkit Contribution - Integrating JSDoc features with Rhino Engine

JSDoc Toolkit v3 is in the planning and development phase. I am working to help with this open source project by submitting patches to Rhino, a mozilla javascript engine, that will expose JavaScript comments to the parser. In addition, I am creating a JavaScript Object coded in Java that allows the Rhino's parser to have the component usable within the JSDoc Toolkit engine.

JSDoc Toolkit: Home Page
Mozilla Rhino: Documenation
Current Integration Work: Project Page

Excel Add-In - Super Sort Add-In

SuperSort is an addin for Microsoft Excel. It was created to add functionality to the sort function. Some of the additional features that have been added are: the ability to sort by background cell color or font color, sort by more than 3 headers, and to save customized sorts.

Super Sort Add-in v0.9 beta
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